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A Letter to the Citizens of House District 9

Years ago when I moved to Oregon, I chose Coos Bay and I love this place.  Our neighborhoods along the southern coast offer incredible natural beauty, a healthy climate and bountiful resources, but what’s most important — the best people in the West!

Southwestern Oregon has so much to offer.  Our communities along the coast are a perfect size.  Everyone knows everyone and people are invested in their community.  But the very attributes that drew so many of us to this beautiful area to live and raise our families are now at risk.  Our leadership has become dominated by Portland ideas and urban values.

Governor Brown and the Democrat-controlled Legislature are placing the Oregon that we know on the edge of a cliff, and the tax and spend policies are eroding the foundation.  Our voices are being ignored, and our neighbors and local businesses struggle to survive.  We need stronger representation in Salem.  I promise to be a loud, strong voice for rural Oregon.


Teri Grier

Our neighborhoods, our values

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