The Issues

The Issues

 Family Wage Jobs

 Years of talk and decades of failed plans = no results and no jobs for Southwest Oregon, for our rural towns, or for our struggling neighborhoods.  Our leadership has failed, mostly because they vote consistently for Portland’s needs, not ours.


 Fight Against New Taxes and Fees

Oregon is number 41 in the country for burdensome taxes and fees placed on business owners.  What does that mean for Oregon?  Forty other states have better opportunities to secure new businesses and grow jobs before Oregon does.  We must restructure our tax policies so that we create a business friendly environment.


Restructuring Funding for Schools

We must have improved results for our children and better resources for our schoolteachers, and we must have them NOW!  No more pitting kids against politicians or teachers against taxpayers — I’ll work to get us all on the same team, pulling together for immediate improvements. Money needs to go directly to the classroom and follow the child.  Administrative costs should be determined by local parent/teacher advisory boards.


Government Accountability and Transparency

Requiring budget accountability, elimination of abuse of emergency clauses, and fast tracking legislation are some of the measures that must be implemented to ensure transparency and accountability to the public.  Taxpayer funded programs, agencies and offices should be subject to a sunset process so we can analyze cost-effectiveness, and measure whether objectives are being met.


A Voice for Rural Oregon

Our voices are being ignored, and our neighbors and local businesses struggle to survive. We need stronger representation in Salem.  I promise to be a loud, strong voice for Rural Oregon.


Teri Grier

Our neighborhoods, our values

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